Friday, January 9, 2009

Logan is growing

I cant believe that Logan is almost a year old. He is growing up so fast.....

-He is walking everywhere
-He loves eating blueberry belgium waffles (he can eat a whole by himself)
-He loves playing chase with daddy
-He likes to help take dishes out of the dishwasher
-He can never sit still. He always has to be running around
-He swings on the kitched cabinets
-He loves his sippy cup
-He loves playing with his cousins
-He likes the first 5 min of baby eintsien
-Whenever he hears the bath water he runs into the bathroom and tries to get into the tub
-He loves looking out the window

We couldnt have asked for a better boy. We are so blessed to have Logan in our lives!!! He is just so dang cute.