Saturday, September 19, 2009


Logan was playing on the 'kiddie car' at grandma Tew's house and he decided to drive it off the move Logan!!!


Yesterday we decided it would be fun to take Logan to the swim center. It took him a while to get use to the water but we had a blast!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tyler is 1 month old!!!!

This past month has gone by so fast!!! Tyler already weighs 9 pounds!!!

Here are some updates of things that have been happening....

  • I am not watching kids anymore because I got a transcription job!!!! I am sooooooooo excited. I love being able to work at home.
  • Dan has lost 16 pounds on "Ashley's low calorie" diet (just in the past month too!!!!)
  • We are going to pay off our car next month and be 100% debt free (but hopefully not for long) we are kind of looking for houses!!!
  • Dan got his LSA license (insurance license)
  • We had our 3 year anniversary
  • Our little boy turned 18 months and is FINALLY in nursery!!!!