Wednesday, February 24, 2010

With Dan all things are possible...

I apologize in advance for this blog...I normally don't type like this!

I know it is a week away until we are officially homeowners (I probably just jinxed it), but if it was not for the wonderful and amazing husband of mine and his stubbornness with money, we would not be getting a home. Dan and I have been on a really tight budget since we have been married. I MEAN REALLY TIGHT!!!! We would only get the cheapest 2 bedroom apartment to rent (even if it wasn't the greatest)we hardly ever go out to eat!!! And the hardest one for me has been our monthly grocery budget....$300.00 (for the whole month!!!) not just on food, but on diapers and wipes and toiletries and EVERYTHING!!!! Sometimes I go over but I am getting way better.

We actually kind of started looking for homes in 2008 but we had our unexpected baby (Tyler) come along!!! YEP!!! He was a BIG surprise!!!! And we also paid of our car. Dan is an amazing financial person. He works really hard and it has started to pay off. (I must add in, that I also work 40+ hours a week watching a bunch of neighbor kids!!!) But with out doing that I would be completely bored at home with just my own 2!!!

Anyways.....I just wanted to say.... THANKS TO MY WONDERFUL, AMAZING, CARING AND LOVING HUSBAND for getting us this far. I love you Dan!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our house...

We were not able to get this house we were suppose to close on two days ago, because they had a lien on the title and couldn't get it removed. We are currently in the works of getting another place though.

Logans words....

A while ago Dan and I were worried about Logan's vocabulary. He was not really talking ALL!!! Within the last couple weeks he has been talking so much. Here are a few of the things he says....

I wuv you- I love you
no no- no

no, we just need to get him to say two word sentences!!!