Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This is at the waterfall of yellowstone grand canyon
This buffalo was right next to the road

Grandpa and Logan walking back from the river

Logan and me at the hot pots

Of course we had to go see Old Faithful

For the weekend we decided it would be fun to go to Yellowstone. We went with Dan's parents and his older sister's family. We had alot of fun.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Playing with water

Logan sitting in his pool!
My handsome boys!!!

Logan loves jumping on the trampoline, especially with daddy!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Logan's 1st bike. Look how studly he looks!!!!
The lady behind my parents house has some chickens so we took Logan over to see them....he obviously was ecstatic!!!!!!!!

Running through the sprinkler in the backyard

Sporting his cute new hat!!!

He did not want to get off the horse.

Great Grandma was washing the floor and Logan decided he wanted to help. How did I get so lucky with a cute little helper?

Checking out his bike again
I had alot of fun in Utah with my family. They spoiled Logan rotten. All he wanted to do all day was play in the backyard with his cousins. We can't wait to see the family again.

Vegas Trip

Shay, Steph, Jordan and Dan Logan and Brooklyn riding the carosale

Dan, me and Logan in the Circus Circus

Logan loved the swimming pool. He started screaming when we left!

Walking down the strip

Our Vegas trip was really fun and nice and WARM!!! We only made it half way down the strip because we just couldnt walk any longer (by we I probably mean just me!) My uncle came up from Arizona and my Great Grandma came from L.A. It was really nice to see all of them.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kristines Graduation

Kristines graduation was a fun experience. Sadly, we didn't get any pictures of her, but we were able to see President Eyring and President Monson get out of their cars!!!!!! The white is Pres. Eyring's and the gray one is Pres. Monsons!!!! Let's just say thats the closest I will probably ever get to them!!!!!