Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jakes Blessing Weekend

This past weekend we where able to give Jake his baby blessing. Dan's parents are amazing and drove down from Bozeman for the weekend to be here for it. While they where here we decided to take the boys to the zoo (yes, we have been there a million times, but it never seems to get old). This time we bought a year long zoo pass, so now we can go every day of the year! The boys loved it, like always and Bruce got some good pictures. And here are our handsome boys ...

4th of July

The boys where so excited for the 4th of July that they just couldn't wait till it was dark to do fireworks. Tyler jumping on the snap pops This was my view of the boys. I guess they are still getting use to the loud noises. Our little Jake just slept through the whole thing. What a trooper! We had a fun fourth of July and know that with 3 boys its just going to get better and better. (Sorry about the layout. I cant seem to be able to fix it)