Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Buddy the Dinosaur

The museum in town tries to do a lot of fun family stuff. The other weekend we had a visit from Buddy off the Dinosaur Train. The boys where way excited to see buddy, until we got up to him then Tyler would not go near him. Logan warmed up to the characters pretty quick. I think he will have fun meeting all the characters at Disneyland when we go next Friday!!!! (HURRAY!!!!) Hopefully Tyler will get warmed up to them fast.
I dont remember this Dino's name
Us with Buddy.

Christmas 2012

The boys are getting very specific about what they want Santa to bring for Christmas. They both wanted a big toy fire truck and a camera. They also got various other toys. I love how Christmas is getting more and more exciting as they get older.

Dan turns 28!!!

My wonderful and amazing husband turned 28 at the end of the year!!!


The boys have had so much fun sledding this last winter. We have been way to many times to count. Logan is beginning to be a little daredevil and go over some jumps on his sled. Tyler likes to slide down the hill with out a sled.
Tyler going "sledding" on his snowpants t
Logan and Elsie having a race down the hill
Tyler and Daddy waiting for their