Sunday, April 8, 2012


I love how Bozeman has easter egg hunts that all the kids can do. We went to one of them yesterday. The boys had alot of fun.

My little easter bunnies

On our way out the door to go on an easter egg hunt

After the easter egg hunt at the park. Tyler wanted to go see the fake easter bunny more then he wanted to pick up eggs.

Eating easter candy and watching a movie

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Tractor ride

My grandpa rented a tractor for a little while the other week and the boys each got a chance to drive it. It was a dream come true. My boys are total boys!!!!

The big 25!!!

Kim Tubbs and I celebrated our birthday's together. Roy bought this "pinata" cake, which had a hard chocolate shell and was filled with little bite sized candy on the inside. We had hotdogs and hamburgers, and cupcakes and made fondue. It was really yummy and I am sure everyone there gained about 5 pounds!!!
My lovely husband bought me whitening strips, a flower for my hair and a season of friends. Isnt he the best??? Yes he is!!!

Me and the boys opening my presents

The pinata cake

The amazing and beautiful Kim breaking the cake.