Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Holiday Season

Christmas this year was so much fun. Logan really got into the whole 'Santa' thing this year and was way excited to open his toys on Christmas morning. Hopefully this next Christmas Tyler gets into it as much as Logan did.

Dan and I had both sides of our family come to visit for the Holiday. My parents and 3 youngest siblings came up from Utah. His youngest sister and her family came from Havre. He had another sister and her family come from Helena. And his oldest sister and her family came from Missouri. It was so great to see everyone. We got a big family picture taken of everyone on Dan's side of the family. When I get the picture, then I will be sure to post it!!!

Logan loved this BIG truck the Santa brought him

Tyler is happy with just about anything.

Logan and Tyler both got Book of Mormon's from Grandpa Rick and Grandma Julie. Logan loves to read along with us when we read to them.

Logan and Tyler both got scooters for Christmas

Logan holding the newest addition to the big Tew family, Abigail.

We went bowling on New Years Eve with the family

My wonderful in-laws. I couldn't have asked for ones better :)

One of the best things that happens during the holiday season is my stud of a husband's birthday!!! He turned 27!!!!

I got this cake idea off of my cousins blog!!! To make it even better, I put caramel in it!!! It was delicious!!!!

Birthday boy!!!