Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our cute little Tyler

Tyler is starting to talk a little. He can say 'Bye Bye' Dadda and Mamma
Here is our cute little Tyler. (Check out my other posts below!!!) :)

We are a trail loving family....

Our boys love being outdoors. They love jumping in puddles and getting dirty. I love living in Bozeman, it is so beautiful during the summer and fall. Bozeman has so many trails you can go on. Here are some pictures of us on the Sourdough Trail a couple weeks ago. Check out our bowling post below!!!!


We took our boys bowling for the first time last Monday with Grandma and Grandpa Tew. Tyler loved pushing the ball down the ramp, everytime the ball would knock down pins he would start clapping!!!

It took Logan a while to want to push the ball down the ramp, after we forced him to do it the first time he loved it.