Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 2012

This month has been a month full of fireworks, beaches, playing in the water, more beaches, camping and weddings..... At the beginning of July we celebrated the 4th with Dans family. The boys actually enjoyed watching the big firework show at the fairgrounds.
Tyler has really bendy ears. This is how he likes to plug his ears so he doesnt hear loud noises.
We went to the Bozeman Beach during the middle of the month with Teasha, Kim and Grandma Debbie. Logan had fun swimming in the water with his cousins. Tyler slept pretty much the whole time.
Logan and Ty love to go to the Splash park in Belgrade. They get braver and braver every year....
We went to Bear Lake with my family for a long weekend. The boys loved playing in the water and riding the Jet Ski's. They didnt really like Grandpa Rick's boat to much.
Tyler driving the boat
Chillin out eating some cheetos
I am so glad I brought their trucks with us. They spent most of the time playing with them in the sand
Logan and Dan before going out on a ride
Ty playing in the sand
Getting ready to roast marshmallows
The boys and their cousins on the boat. Ty has some issues with his picture being taken sometimes (This is apparently one of this times).
It's Logans turn to drive the boat
We went down to Idaho this last weekend because Dans cousin, Vance, got married. We stayed in a hotel, went swimming and we went to the zoo....
The boys saw this huge duck and a farmers market by the zoo. Of course they needed their picture taken by it
We also went on a walk around the falls by the temple. Every time we came to something cool Logan insisted that we take his picture. Here they are.....
These pictures are of the wedding....
I framed the mirrors in my bathroom... Thank you Pinterest!!!! And my boys happen to love playing in the dryer. Is that normal?