Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One week!!!!

In one week we will be going to my sisters college graduation and then off to Vegas with my family (all of which is paid for!!! Thanks to my wonderful Grandparents!!!). We will be in Vegas just until Sunday and then drive up to Salt Lake. Dan will be flying home that night so he can work, but I will be staying there for a WHOLE WEEK!!!! I am way excited. I have missed living in Utah and Dan, being the sweet husband he is, told me to stay for a week!!!!

Thank you sweetie for being the best husband EVER!!! I love you!!!!

(I have probably embarrased you now, but what are wives for????)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby bump.....

I am 5 months pregnant and am finally starting to realize a difference. I never took any baby bump pictures with Logan and now I wish I had so I could compare them and see if you get bigger with the second than you did with the first. Anyways....we went and had our ultrasound done last week and we are way excited about another boy (which puts alot of pressure one our next, and hopefully last, kid to be a girl). Well, the ultrasound went great except for where my placenta is located. I have what is called placenta previa, the placenta is on the bottom of my uterus, which means that unless it moves up I am going to have the easiest delivery in the world. Anyways...I never babble on about things so I will update on how things are going later!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This was Logans 1st easter. I didn't think he would do as good as he did. He would walk over to an egg, pick it up and then drop it in the basket. Maybe next year he will help us dye the eggs :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

Parties 'R' Us

We went with Dan's family to Parties 'R' Us. It is an indoor party place with big blow up toys for kids (and adults). Logan hated it at first but then warmed up to it after a while (as long as daddy was with him). I think he would have enjoyed it more if there werent so many kids running around.

Just to let everyone know....We find out on the 10th (next friday) if its a boy or girl!!!!

Summer time

The other weekend was such a nice weekend (hard to believe since its been snowing pretty much all week) so we decided to go in the hot tub and then have a fire and make smores. I hope it stops snowing soon I am getting soooooo sick of it!!!


Logan loves laying on the floor with his pillow, eating a PB and J sandwich while watching Shrek (we do this on a daily basis). I am amazed that kids don't get bored doing the same old stuff every day.

He also loves playing xbox with daddy.